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All you need to know before you schedule an evaluation

  • • What are your credentials?
    I have earned Masters Degree in Social Work and have many years experience providing support to the homeschool community.
  • • What experience have you had in evaluations?
    I have been assisting families with proof of progress homeschool evaluations for the past 8 years.
  • • Are you a homeschooler, and if not, what experience do you have with homeschoolers?"
    I am! I homeschool my two elementary aged children and previously worked as a homeschool tutor with multiple children in grades ranging from kindergaren to highschool.
  • • How will the evaluation be conducted?
    Due to COVID-19 restrictions all evaluations will be completed via Zoom. I will meet with your student on a hipaa complaint version of Zoom to ensure privacy. I will briefly discuss student learning with the primary educator and then discuss learning with the student. They're welcome to bring work samples to the evaluation to show me or you can email photos in advance. The evaluation will take approximately 1 hour from start to finish.
  • • May I be present during the evaluation?
    Of course!
  • • What do I need to have ready for you?
    Various work samples the student has completed during the year, photos, art samples, or anything else you feel like sharing. No portfolio is required and I do not need to see every worksheet completed during the year. I need to see work from the beginning, middle and end of the year to determine progress the student has made. I always ask the students to bring something they are proud of to show during the evaluation. This is often their favorite part!
  • • What do I need to do to prepare my child for the evaluation?
    Nothing. Just have them come as they are. If they're nervous at first that is okay, we will make small talk until they start to warm up and become comfortable discussing their learning. It will not be high stress and I will not be "quizzing" them or putting them on the spot.
  • • Do you need to see a portfolio or will their workbooks/notebooks be sufficient?
    No portfolio is needed. Work samples and a discussion with the student are that is required.
  • •· How much do you charge?
    Evaluations completed March 1st- June 15th are $75. I do offer a $10 discount for siblings. If you need an evaluation from June 16-August 1st the cost is $100.
  • • Do you have experience with learning disabilities?
    Yes! I often evaluate struggling readers, children with special needs and children who are anxious regarding standardized testing. My background in social work and therapy have equipped me with the tools and knowledge to affectively evaluate your child.
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